Body Parts List - Body 1A2 for Truck 8-cwt Wireless

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Body Parts List - Body 1A2 for Truck 8-cwt Wireless - Title page.jpg
The Body Parts List - Body 1A2 was issued by Automotive Production Branch Department of Munitions and Supply in October 1941 and revised in January 1942. The pamphlet has illustrations of the body from various angles with parts numbered corresponding to the parts list as well as factory photos.

The Body 1A2 was for mounting on CMP Truck 8-cwt Wireless. It had provision for mounting three (later two) seats in the floor of the body. Fittings were provided for mounting a wireless set, aerial, miscellaneous equipment, batteries, etc. A platform was provided at the right side of the tow rope box for installation of a Chore Horse battery charging set. The superstructure and tarpaulin could be removed from the body and installed on the ground spikes provided and used as a tent.[1]

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Credit: Publication furnished by David Pope