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This page captures the many other types of items that may be of interest or relevance to Canadian Signals. While a bit of a 'catch all' page, it is full of interesting items!

Groups of items

Challenge coins
China, Dishes & Flatware
Christmas Cards
Cushion & Pillow Covers
Jacket crests
Manuals and Publications
Miscellaneous paper items
Signals Uniform Prints
Sweetheart and lapel pins
United Nations pocket badges

Individual items

Postcard - Corps crest and narrative
Policy and Regulations for fixed Signal Services in Canada - September 1944
1 CDHSR Signals in Support of Operations print
763 Comm Regt National Appeal for Funds Flyer
1 Line Tp Silver Jubilee program 1977
Early Air Force wireless and air-ground communication notes
UNIFIL medallion
Ashtead RCCS Bishops Chair
2nd Base Signal Section cigarette box
CFB Kingston Volksmarch Pins
Signals Militia Summer Camp Central Command 1956 Photo Album

Royal Canadian Signals Ashtray

Ashtray rcs lete.jpgThis is a cast white metal ashtray bearing the words "Royal Canadian Signals". These ashtrays were made at LETE (or its predecessor) as retirement gifts for members of the corps. Some have been painted in the cavities around the letters to enhance their look.

Royal Canadian Signals Ashtray Large Style

Ashtray rcs lete jimmy (1).jpgAshtray rcs lete jimmy (2).jpgThis is a different style cast white metal ashtray bearing the words "Royal Canadian Signals" and a Jimmy figure. Similar to the ashtray above it is thus believed to also come LETE (or its predecessor). This is not the usual pattern and it isn't known if this was a one of a kind item or if others were made.

RCCS Drum Banner Crest

Banner musicstand rccs kc.jpg

RCCS (KC) Lace Hankie

Hankie rccs lace.jpg

RCCS KC Music Stand Crest

Banner musicstand rccs kc 2.jpg

27 CIB RCCS Banner

Banner rccs 27cib.jpg

RCCS Kingston Pennants

Pennent kingston rccs kc.jpg Pennent kingston rccs kc (2).jpg

WWII 2 Corps Sigs Battle Map

Map ww2 2corps sigs.jpg

RCCS Bumper Plate

Bumperplate rccs qc.jpgThis item is after the British fashion of putting the corps/unit crest on a bumper plate. The plate features an RCCS crest of the Queens Crown type and is maker marked on the back "J.R. Gaunt, London". This example is provided by Maurice Hebert who writes "I served in Soest Germany in 1959. While there I purchased a GAUNT RCCS Car Badge (bumper plate) priced at 39/- each. This is in it's original box and has never been used." Maker: Gaunt

RCCS Decal

Decal rccs kc fr.jpg Decal rccs kc bk.jpg This is a decal of the RCCS King's Crown badge. It has been described as a helmet decal but nothing on it indicates its purpose. The instruction are located on the back. Size: about 3" across (backing)

Signal Officer's Napkin Ring

Napkinring sig officer ww1 1.jpg Napkinring sig officer ww1 2.jpgThis is a two piece brass napkin ring. The name plate is attached by brass rivets and bears the position title of "SIG OFFICER" It is believed that this dates from the WW1 era although there is no proof of such. Size: 32 mm H x 43 mm in diameter

Note Paper - 3 Div RCCS Sgts Mess

Paper 3div sgtmess.jpg Paper 3div sgtmess detail.jpgSheet of letter paper from 3rd Canadian Infantry Division RCCS Sergeant's Mess.

RC Sigs Buried Cable Marker

Sign rccs buriedcable.jpgThese signs were used to mark underground cables laid by the military Linemen. Principle use was for marking cable runs to remote transmitter and receiver sites.

Matchbook - 10 District Signals

Matchbook rccs 10district.jpgA matchbook cover featuring a RCCS crest (King's Crown) and the text "No. 10 district Signals R.C. Signals (R.F.) Winnipeg". Matchbook made by the Eddy Match Company.

Matchbook - RCCS

Matchbook RCCS Corps colours.jpgA matchbook cover featuring a RCCS crest (King's Crown) and the Corps colours. Made by Strike Rite Matches Ltd, London Ontario.

Canadian Corps of Signals Ashtray

Ashtray brass ccs fr.jpg Ashtray brass ccs bk.jpgA brass, and at one time silver plated, ashtray bearing the struck image of the Canadian Corps of Signals (CCS) cap badge. Item is maker marked "J.R.Gaunt, Montreal, Made in England" Maker: Gaunt

RCCS KC Diamond Crest

Jewelry rccs kc sweetheart.jpgRCCS King's crown sweetheart pin, chromed with "diamond" inserts & sterling silver Jimmy. Typical jeweller's hook & pin fastener. Size: 30 mm W x 33 mm H

90 Canadian Headquarters and Signal Squadron T-Shirt

Tshirt 90sigsqn.jpg

1st Canadian Signal Regiment T-Shirt

Tshirt 1csr.jpg

1 CSR 70th Anniversary Button

Button 1csr 70anniversary.jpg

SRS Old Timers Button 1993

Button srs ot 93.jpgButton from the Old Timers Reunion in 1993.

CFCC Decal

Decal comm comd.jpgA decal for the Canadian Forces Communication Command.

2003 Centennial Decal

Sticker 2003.jpg

2003 Centennial First Day Cover

First day cover 2003.jpgFirst day cover 2003 bk.jpgFeaturing the commemorative stamp of Marconi's trans-Altantic radio communication.

56 Canadian Signal Squadron Jimmy Statue

Statue jimmy 56sigs.jpg

RCCS Tie bar

Tie bar RCCS KC enamel.jpg

RC Sigs German style Beer Stein - stands 7" tall

RC Sigs Beer Stein (1).jpg RC Sigs Beer Stein (2).jpg RC Sigs Beer Stein (3).jpg RC Sigs Beer Stein (4).jpg

1 Signal Squadron and RCCS crest embossing dies

Embossing die RCCS Crest.jpg Embossing die 1 Signal Squadron address.jpg

Stationary embossing dies for 1 Signal Squadron while they were located at Currie Barracks, Calgary.

705 (Hamilton) Communication Squadron sticker

Sticker 705 (Hamilton) Communication Squadron.jpg

RC Signals Sterling cuff links

Cuff links RCCS crest and colours.jpg

CSC Trench Art

CSC shell casing trench art (1).jpg