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RCSigs.ca, launched in 2001, is a website dedicated to collecting, capturing and sharing all things related to Military Signaling in Canada. In the Army this work was done principally by members of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals, in the Airforce by the Telecommunications Branch and in the Navy by various groups. Currently the majority of these functions fall under the responsibility of the Communications and Electronics Branch consisting of Army, Airforce and Navy personnel.

My interest started with the badges, uniforms and accouterments of the Royal Canadian Corps of Signals and so that is where I began my 'digging'. Over time I became more interested in studying the history of the Corps and Canadian military communications and all its aspects. My Corps 'addiction' has enabled me to meet many knowledgeable and interesting people and, in an effort to capture their knowledge and stories into an on-line reference, I began the RCSigs.ca web site.

As far as content goes, the site has a growing number of accouterments, units, orders & authorities as well as a history section. The existing entries will be refined and new ones added on a continual basis so check back often. RCSigs.ca will evolve to include more and more information about the Corps but the type of information that is added will depend greatly on you, the visitors to the site. Please let me know what you think of the site and what you wish to see in future additions. If you have a particular area of expertise and wish to contribute material, by all means, let me know that as well. As the site deals with a wide variety of subject areas, of which I'm an expert in none, there is a growing dependency on contributed material. Please consider becoming involved in this important endeavor.

For those returning to RCSigs.ca you will notice that the site has undergone a transformation. This has been the result of a significant effort to move to a format that allows more material to be added and for it to be better linked together while at the same time easing the effort required to expand and manage the site. While I understand that site changes are disrupting, I felt that it was a necessary step. The original site format was maintained for the last 13 years but over the last while it was seriously affecting its improvement. All of the material has been kept from the old site so nothing is lost but of course your bookmarks won't work now. Hopefully you can still find what you're looking for. There are still aspects of the site that need to be worked on so please bear with us as we work on pages still "under construction". If you have feedback, comments, ideas or contributions please let me know.

I hope you enjoy your visit to RCSigs.ca!

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